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Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post! Over a month, man how time flies! The month of October started out with Olivia meeting our family doctor and getting her 2-month old shots…, which went surprisingly well. The nurses said that she’d probably cry like we’ve never heard her cry before, but her cry wasn’t that bad. It really wasn’t any different from when we put her in the car! She only cried for about 20 minutes and then settled down quickly after a feeding, which led to a very long nap!

For Thanksgiving, we drove down to Seattle to catch Olivia’s very first plane ride to see her Tía and Aunty Renée in Troy, Idaho. Since she doesn’t like the car very much, but know that she’s happiest in the morning when she first wakes up, we made sure that we left the house as soon as she woke up. Usually this is around 6am, but of course, she had to sleep in the morning we wanted to leave early. Luckily, we set an alarm so that we could get ready ourselves. I think we left the house around 730am, got to the border in Abbotsford/Sumas around 8am only to be stuck in an hours long line up! So, I took Olivia out of her car seat and walked around so that she’d not have to be in the car for that much longer since we needed to get to Seattle – a 2.5 hour drive. Jeremy also decided to pull into the duty free to dodge the line a bit which worked out pretty well! It cut our wait time in half! Once in the Seattle area, we stopped at Costco and then IKEA to pick up some bedroom furniture – a great way for Olivia to be fed and get some walking in!

Once we were on the plane, Olivia did pretty well except for the fact that the plane was sitting in the sun on the tarmac before takeoff, which of course made the plane hot – and Olivia does not like to be too warm, so she fussed a bit. But once we were up in the air, she was great. However, as soon as we landed and were picked up by Aunty Renée and in a CAR… Olivia really got mad. She cried for pretty much the entire car ride to their house (about 45 minutes). When we got to their house, she cried some more from exhaustion. Unfortunately, she tends to fight sleep when she is really tired. Once she’d had a good night’s rest she was as happy as a clam for the rest of the weekend! We enjoyed some lovely walks on my sister’s property and had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

IMG_3859 IMG_3804
 IMG_3801a IMG_3831 IMG_3842

The plane ride back to Seattle was very smooth and Olivia did very well. Once in Seattle we met up with an old friend that we had met in Belgium, Jessica, and her daughter Zina for dinner. After dinner, around 830pm Olivia fell asleep. So we put her in her car seat and drove home. She slept the whole way!

The rest of the month, we were busy with company. Jeremy’s host brother from Belgium came out to visit for about two weeks the day after we returned from Idaho. During Thomas’ stay we showed him around the Chilliwack and Vancouver areas and took him to Manning park in hope to see some bears… however, we did not see any – only whiskey jack birds which would land on you and eat from your hand.

IMG_4298 IMG_3903

For Olivia’s first Halloween, she was a pink kitten. We took her around to our neighbours houses to show her off and then had a quiet evening together. We expected to have many trick-o-treaters, but only had 9! There are not that many kids on our street and we don’t live in the condensed housing areas. In fact, our new neighbours across the street from us took their girls to one of the condensed neighbourhoods for trick-o-treating. Needless to say, we have a lot of candy left! I guess we won’t have to buy much for future Halloweens.

pumpkin 6 pumpkin 1 pumpkin 2
pumpkin 4 pumpkin 3 pumpkin 5
IMG_4165 IMG_4192 IMG_4230

Now it’s already November and she’s almost 3 months old already. She saw the doctor again the other day for her 3-month old check-up, which went well. She’s now 12lbs 6oz and 23.2in (59cm) long. She’s growing so fast! Now that she is just about 3-months old, I am trying to get her into a schedule. She now goes down for about an hour-long nap around 11am and again about 2-3 hours later, followed by a third nap 2-3 hours after that. She’s still sleeping pretty much through the night, with 1-2 feedings. She will sleep for 3-6 hours straight at night, and tends to sleep for 10-12 hours, starting at 9pm. We are so thankful to have such an easy baby! She is really only fussy around 6pm every evening for 30-minutes to an hour and then is happy again. Although now she tends to be sleepy around that time and takes a nap, which has been great since it’s right around dinner time.

Olivia is such a happy baby and love to talk. She’ll talk to us, with quite a loud little voice, for about 30 minutes straight sometimes! And she’s constantly smiling and laughing. When she wakes up in the morning, she’s full of smiles. I can’t even get her to eat for the first hour she’s awake because she smiles too much! She’s started to “play” with things too! She has some letters that connect together to make a necklace that she grabs and sucks/gnaws on every day now. I can put her in her bumbo seat and leave her there for quite a while just sitting there playing with her letters. She especially likes it if you put her in front of a mirror! She’s very interactive and alert! And when she’s talking to you, you better be looking at her in the eye and talking back!

IMG_4221 IMG_3948 IMG_3917
IMG_4285 IMG_4231 IMG_4257

New video to come soon of Olivia in action!

And here are two pictures for you to compare:

Pic 1 IMG_3629