November and December…

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Well, it seems like forever since I last posted. Livi is now four and half months old and smiley as ever. She even likes bath time!

And her new jumperoo:

In late November, Olivia’s Grandy and friend Brenda came over to visit for the weekend. We had a lovely walk by the river and enjoyed each other’s company.

at the river with grandy

Then her pappy and Mimi came to visit to attend my masters graduation ceremony and US Thanksgiving of course. Mimi watched Liv during the ceremony, and said that she was great. It was the longest I had been away from Livi since she was born… About three hours! After the ceremony, we picked up Jeremy from work and then went out to dinner with Jena, who also graduated, to celebrate.

diploma mommys graduation

For Thanksgiving dinner, we had my parents, Jena, James & Mateja, Josh & Becky, and their friends from Winnipeg. It was a great evening!

My Thanksgiving dress!

My Thanksgiving dress!

During the time that my parents were visiting, Olivia accidentally rolled over from her belly to her back, but she has not done it since. We also went to go see Catching Fire with Jena and my mom babysat! It was very nice to get out and do something without the baby… She slept like an angel for her Mimi!

Here’s some pics on the past couple months…

tummy time i love my feet
happy baby bath towel
bubbles naked baby

After my parents left, we had a few days to ourselves and went to Jeremy’s staff Christmas party. She did pretty well, but we eventually had to leave because Olivia refused to go to sleep even though she was exhausted. She doesn’t want to missed out on anything!

About a week after Pappy and Mimi’s visit, Olivia and I hopped on a train in Bellingham, WA to Portland, OR to visit my parents again and a bunch of other people who had not yet met Olivia. The train ride was great. It allowed me to walk around with Olivia, feed her, change her diaper, play with her, etc., which I could not do had we driven. Not to mention the car seat for 7 hours would not have been good for her. During our visit in Oregon we saw Livi’s Tia again, Susan Reimer (my Rotary counsellor when I was in high school), Jon Broderick (my high school French teacher), my friends from high school Britney Drumheller, Jeff Sturgeon, and Molly Dueber and her husband Chris and new son Max who is a month older than Olivia. It was quite a busy week!

Max and Olivia

The day after we returned home, Olivia got her four-month shots. Again, she was a little trooper! After each prick, she cried for about 30-60 seconds and then was all smiles like nothing had happened! However, she was cranky for the next two days while I had to do some Christmas baking… I think I was a little over ambitious this year with a baby – I had to have her in the carrier the whole time! However, I got all my baking done – four different types of cookies plus an appetizer for my staff Christmas party! I also had two previous students, Patrick Bowie and Shelby Moore stop by to meet little miss Olivia too!

For Christmas, we were in Victoria visiting all of Jeremy’s family and friends! Here’s some photos of Olivia’s first Christmas:

ugly christmas sweater opening her first christmas present
into the mouth christmas
christmas baby chillin with grandpa mac

family christmas