Isabelle Rose

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On May 16, 2015 Isabelle Rose Earle was born at 8:50pm. She was three days late but definitely ready to come out! We had a home water birth that was an amazing experience!

So, from the start of that day… That morning Diane, Olivia, and I went for a nice river/park walk while Jeremy went down to the states to pick up some things at Home Depot, etc. Once home, I finished a book that I was reading and then planted our seedlings. Around noon, pre-labour contractions started… they were very mild and came every 15-20 minutes for a few seconds. At 5pm, when I started making dinner, REAL contractions started! They were about 4-5 mins apart and lasted about 30 seconds. After dinner was made and eaten, I called Cheryl the midwife (6pm). I told that I was in fact in labour and she told me to start filling the birthing pool.

At 6:40pm Cheryl arrived and did a quick check to see how far along I was… 3 centimeters. Over the next two hours, my contractions strengthened. Around 730pm I got into the pool! By 8:30pm Cheryl informed us that our baby would be her before dark! Twenty minutes later and after only about 5-10 minutes of pushing, Isabelle was born!

She came on about the 3rd push all at once! She was born en caul – with the sac still over her head, which is considered good luck. There are less than 1 in 80,000 births that are en caul. Shortly after she was born, I birthed the placenta outside of the pool and then went upstairs into my own bed and snuggled with my new baby girl. About an hour or so afterward, Isabelle was finally weighed and measured: 6lbs10oz, 49cm. Once all the formalities were done and we were all set and comfy, Cheryl left… around 1130pm I think… Jeremy, Diane and I enjoyed a glass of champagne to celebrate Isabelle’s birth!

Periodic photos of Isabelle will be posted here.