6 weeks old!

Wow! How time flies! Last time I posted Olivia was just ten days old. Since then, a lot has happened…

On the weekend of August 25th we went to Victoria for her cousin Everett’s first birthday! There she was introduced to her uncle Hayden and aunty Amanda, and of course their son Everett – the birthday boy! She also got to meet her great grandparents Nana and Grandad! It was a great party and Everett was so big and walking… crazy to think that Olivia will be in his shoes next summer.

IMG_3235IMG_3226 IMG_3275
IMG_3276 IMG_3311

Two weeks later, on September 7th we had Olivia’s sip and see baby shower. That weekend was absolutely amazing! My parents managed to surprise me with a visit from my sister! I didn’t think she was going to be able to come to the shower as she lives in Idaho. But, they made a quick trip to Bellingham the Friday morning to pick her up from the airport and bring her to Chilliwack. I was so surprised and incredibly happy! The shower/open house was a great success as most all of our friends and family were there. Unfortunately, a couple days prior to the shower Olivia started to get baby acne… which of course peaked on the day of the shower… so her poor face and scalp was covered in little red bumps. Now the acne is pretty much gone, but it caused her scalp to get dry and flaky… oh the joys of parenthood – there’s always something new to learn about.






On Tuesday the 17th Olivia and I had our last midwife appointment L We saw Cheryl, the one who delivered her… she hadn’t seen her since the day she was born. I am sad to be leaving the midwives and transferring to our family doctor as they are a wonderful group of women and thoroughly enjoyed their care. At this final visit, they re-measured and weighed her: 22 inches and 9.5 pounds! I also discovered that what we thought was diaper rash, was actually a yeast infection… not so much fun, but we are working on getting that all cleared up!

Then, yesterday, Olivia managed to get pink eye! We were on a lovely walk with Mateja along the river when after about an hour of walking I noticed her left eye secreting yellowy goo that was starting to crust over. I felt horrible for her and wanted to get her to see someone as soon as possible. So we walked to Garrison Crossing and spoke with the pharmacist there who told us that she had pink eye and that we needed to see a doctor to get a prescription for her. Unfortunately there aren’t too many walk-in clinics and they have horrible hours. So, I called Josh and Becky for their help as I don’t have a car. Josh came and got Olivia and I, and took us to a clinic (the one nearby didn’t open until 5pm and it was 330pm at the time)… but the doctor wasn’t there and we were number 27 or so in line to see the doc. We waited for a bit, but since the doctor still had not showed up, we went back to the one that opened at 5pm and we waited outside the office until they were open. Finally, we were able to see a doc and get her a prescription! So that was our first visit to a clinic and Olivia’s first prescription. At least the antibiotic eye drops are working like a charm and have already started to improve the look of her eye. And as you can see, she is such a happy girl!

IMG_3629 IMG_3630

She is also a very hungry little girl and will attempt to latch on to whatever she can latch on to. The other day when Jeremy was holding her, she started to root a bit looking for some milk. Next thing Jere knew she had found his collar bone and started sucking. Needless to say, she gave her daddy a nice hicky!

Since I have been on mat leave, I have joined the Chilliwack Active Moms group (which just launched about 2 weeks ago) and have met many other moms and babies. So Olivia and I went on a walk this morning with the group and might have even made it into the newspaper as there was a reporter there doing a story on the group and took some pictures. I also hope to get a gym membership soon and start working off the pregnancy pounds so that I can get back into my old jeans… but I need to get a proper bra first! I never thought boobs could get so big! Holy milk lady! And, since I have so much milk, Olivia can’t even drain out one boob during a feeding, I plan to donate it to the local breast milk bank.

Here is some auditory entertainment for you as well… we just had to record the various sounds that Olivia produces!

Olivia’s first night home…

Olivia hiccupping, so friggin’ cute!

Olivia is going to be a talker!

She’s finally here!!!

Baby feet

At 1230am, just after going to bed, I began to get cramps. They soon progressed to minor contractions that were about 15 minutes apart. During this time I had to frequently get up and go to the bathroom… This lasted until about 6am when the contractions were about every 4-6 minutes, but lasting only about 30 seconds. So, Jeremy got ready for work and I went downstairs to get his lunch ready. While making his lunch I had a few contractions and they seemed to be getting a bit more intense. At 7am, we ate breakfast, which took me awhile as I had a few contractions during the meal. During this time, we decided, with the advice of both my parents and his that he not go to work!

Thank goodness he didn’t go to work… by 9am my contractions were about a minute or so apart and last for about a minute each… so we finally called the midwife. After listening to me go through a contraction over the phone, the midwife, Cheryl, told us to head to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital just before 10am. Once there, Cheryl quickly checked my progress in between contractions and told us that I was already 9.5cm dilated! I did the entire first stage of labour at home!

Unfortunately, once we got to the hospital and it was time for me to push, my contractions became less frequent and were only lasting for about 45 seconds – not long enough or frequent enough for pushing. After about an hour, they decided to give me oxytocin to get my contractions back up to where they needed to be. Finally, the pushing was getting somewhere! We were first able to see her hair, but her head just wouldn’t come out. It was decided that a minor episiotomy would be necessary to get her out to not risk a 3rd degree tear! As soon as the cut was made, Olivia came out with the next two contractions and Jeremy caught her, placed her upon me, and cut her umbilical cord. As Olivia came out, at 2:07pm, she decided to take a poop and pee on me (she takes after her daddy who came into this world in a similar fashion). Within the next 15 minutes or so, she decided to poop a couple more times! We were both covered in poop, but had to wait to be cleaned up because the placenta had not yet been delivered.

An hour had passed and my placenta still had not come out, so the on-call OB was called in to remove the placenta. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was Dr. Dewaal Smith, my gynecologist! Within seconds, he was able to get my placenta out without having to do a manual removal – it just needed a bit of a tug. Then he numbed me up and stitched me up from the episiotomy. According to the nurses, I was lucky it was Dr. Smith who stitched me up, because he is supposedly the best!

Finally by 4pm, I was able to get cleaned up and Olivia was weighed – 6lbs 13oz. Had she not had three bowel movements immediately after being delivered, she probably would have weighed just over 7lbs. Then we were moved from the delivery room to our own room where our family and friends were finally able to meet her. While I enjoyed my first beer since November – a Belgian beer that I had picked out in January when we had visited our host families, Olivia was finally cleaned up by the nurse. We stayed 1-night at the hospital and were home by noon the next day.

weight first family pic
first bath first beer after delivery

Fast facts:

  • Birth date: August 8, 2013
  • Baby’s name: Olivia Claire Earle
  • Weight: 6lbs 13oz
  • Length: 19.3 inches
  • Time of birth: 2:07pm
  • Who came to the hospital: Bob and Darlene Harbison, Diane McBeath, Tony and Hilary Clark-Earle, James Seaton, Mateja Peterlin, and Jena Wiebe

Once home…

IMG_2801 (1024x683) IMG_2863 (1280x853) IMG_2901 (1024x683)

With all the grandparents here, the day was quite busy. They were busily getting dinner prepared and making sure that Olivia and I were comfortable. That evening, Olivia’s aunty Minnie (Amanda Clark) joined us for dinner. After dinner, Olivia was passed around to all the family members and I took a nap! When the evening was over and it was time to go to bed, we soon discovered that Olivia did not like to sleep on her own. She wanted be right next to her mama…, which we were quite wary about at first.

The next day, August 10th, we had our first home visit from the midwife (Haley – there are three!). During this visit Olivia was weighed again (now 6lbs 7.5oz) and any questions we had were answered. Since Olivia did not want to sleep on her own, we asked about co-sleeping and were assured that this was fine as long as she was not in between the two of us, was placed on her back, and was safe from falling off the edge. Still, we kept trying each night to get her to sleep on her own… with no luck. So I finally said that we should try to train her during the day to sleep on her own rather than at night so that we could still get a decent nights rest.

Two days later, the midwife visited again (Joy). This visit involved weighing her again (back to her birth weight!!!) and the heel prick. Olivia was quite the trooper and did not fuss too much. By the third visit, on August 14th, Olivia exceeded her birth weight at 7lbs 3oz! Sometime between visit 2 and 3, Olivia’s umbilical cord came off, which means she could finally get a real bath (so far she’s only have sponge baths).

Our first outing was with Jena to Costco on August 15th. The car ride there went quite smoothly as Olivia slept the whole way there. Once there, she slept in the shopping cart and was content up until just before we were ready to leave… so I had to feed her quickly in the bathroom to calm her down. Unfortunately, she cried the whole way home and worked herself up into a sweat. Her hair was soaked! However, as soon as we took her out of the car, the crying stopped, but she was still clearly upset and stressed, as she wouldn’t feed until she had calmed herself down.

Later that evening, Olivia got her first bath at home… she didn’t like it!

The next day, August 16th was her second outing… all the way to Surrey – about an hour’s drive, to attend my Canadian Citizenship Ceremony. Olivia was perfect! She didn’t cry on the way there and once we arrived, she continued to sleep until the ceremony was over and we woke her up to change her dirty diaper. Once she was cleaned up, we got a family photo with the presiding judge.




38 weeks! and a house update…

I can’t believe I am already at 38 weeks… 2 weeks to go until my due date! I wonder when she’ll be coming out! My pregnancy had been going really well with absolutely no complaints until I hit week 37. Then it was like “boom” you need to be in some form of discomfort… anyway, the past week has been a bit painful. Walking, not a fan of it anymore. My lower back, left buttocks kills! I have been to the massage therapist and now the chiropractor. The massage wasn’t doing much, although it still felt nice, it was not relieving any pain. My midwife and massage therapist both recommended that I go see a chiropractor, so I did. I had immediate relief when she popped whatever was out of place… but unfortunately, I think it takes a few visits before it’s all better, because 24 hours later, I was in the same pain again. Luckily I have a second appointment scheduled for Monday!

Other than that, things have been going well. At 36 weeks, I started taking evening primrose oil and drinking 3-4 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day. Not sure if these herbal remedies work, but they are supposed to help reduce the chances of going past your due date and strengthen your uterus… so we’ll see!

Anyway, here are some updated baby bump photos:

daddy kissing baby bumpy Mommy holding the bump
36 weeks
36 weeks
28 weeks (3)
28 weeks
38 weeks (4)
10 weeks later…38 weeks

There are more in my Baby Earle #1 album as well!

The house…

We still love the house, but of course, as many of you know, houses come with a lot of work. Just watering the garden and lawn is quite the task. However, things are coming along. The only change we’ve made to the house so far has been painting the babies room, which ended up being a bit of a nightmare. First, the paint we bought was horrible! Jeremy hated it from the beginning… and he doesn’t really like the colour… Also, there were built in shelves in one area of the room and we wanted to take one of the three out so it wasn’t so low. Well, painting over the spot where the shelf had been ended up causing the wall to bubble. Poor Jeremy could not figure out what the problem was. Finally, after a bit of research, he read that he should cover that area with oil based primer first, and then paint over that. Eureka! It worked! So the room is finally painted. All that’s left is painting the shelves a nice glossy white and the trim. We have carpet cleaners coming to clean our carpets upstairs and then Jeremy will be able to do the trim and we can finally set up the baby’s room!

We also will have a gas fitter come out and install a gas box and rough in a gas line for a future gas stove. We will finally be able to use our brand new BBQ that we bought when we first moved in – no more camping BBQ!

Let’s see… what else is new… We have had to go on a bit of a shopping spree since we moved in and it hasn’t really stopped yet! The house is quite large and every time you go to do something, you realize you need to buy this or that tool. Some of our main purchases have been a dining room set, the BBQ, a lawn mower, patio furniture, composters, a chest freezer, obviously all the baby room furniture, and a new mattress set (we’ll soon be on our first new bed ever that is a queen!) – I think that’s it… probably not though! We still need to purchase a bedroom set, which we plan to get from IKEA and couches. Our current couch, as many of you know, we have been babysitting for the past two years for our friends James and Mateja who were out in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are back home and will be taking their couch back at the end of the month. I will have to say that couch hunting is not fun… there’s so much to choose from! Other than that, we are settling in nicely.

pictures to come soon!

33 weeks 4 days

Well, it’s definitely been awhile since my last post. The new house explains much of that! But out baby girl is doing well, growing and moving all the time – but so far she still lets me sleep through the night. I can only hope that she’ll be that way once she’s born.

Since my last post I have had two midwife appointments. I had one two weeks ago at 31 weeks where they measured me and I was smaller than expected (28cm), but told me not to worry as long as I continued to grow by the next visit… and I measured 31cm today! So, baby is growing! It just means that she’ll be born between 6 and 7 pounds most likely! But we’ll see, 6 weeks, 3 days to go before my due date… and the guessing of when she’ll be born has already begun:

Jeremy: July 20
Me: July 22
Sharon: July 23
Bob: July 24
Darlene: July 26
Jena: July 27
Wendy Sigaty: July 28
Kevin Sigaty: Aug 3
Andrea Doerksen: Aug 8

Other than that, I’m still feeling great. I am a bit more tired lately and my lower back hurts by the end of most every day. I’ve been doing the cat-cow yoga position a lot to relieve the pain. Once I go to bed I am fine… I think part of it is simply fatigue.

Last weekend Jeremy and I met up with our good friends Molly and Chris in Seattle, WA. Molly is about two weeks further along than I. It has been pretty cool going through this experience with a good friend from high school. Our pregnancies have been completely different so far, but it’s still nice to be able to share stories and we’ll be able to set up play dates! They are having a little boy! So this post’s pictures are of Jeremy and I, Molly and I (best friends and future best friends!), and one of just me 🙂

Molly and I 2013

Me June 16 2013

Our new house!

Well, we moved in on May 26, 2013 and it took us about 1 week to completely unpack and more or less get settled in. We’ve now been in the house for almost 4 weeks and absolutely love it. It’s so nice to be in a quiet neighbourhood! The only noises we hear are the birds chirping, the occasional train when it sounds its horn, and the pool/hot tub pump from our neighbour (which isn’t that loud at all, but when it’s soooo incredibly quiet otherwise, you can hear the faintest of sounds).

We’ve started to paint, but only the baby’s room so far. We chose a light sea foam-like green. We figure that we might as well keep it gender neutral since we want a second child, but obviously don’t know what it’ll be being the first one isn’t quite here yet! We do plan to paint the rest of the house too, but we’re waiting until we get our couches and other furniture to make sure the walls to clash and end up having to repaint! Our dinning set arrives July 4th so it will be nice to have the dining room set up as it’s completely bare right now and actually echoes.

Otherwise there aren’t any big changes that we plan to do to the house, at least right now (and for a long while). We will do some changes to the yard, but not until next year – too much going on this summer! But we’re enjoying the house and are looking forward to raising our family here! I’ll post pictures eventually… the weather right now is horrible and we haven’t taken any so far… we’ve been a bit busy!

28 weeks

Well, I am officially into my third trimester! I’m on the home stretch. It’s kind of crazy thinking that I only have 12 weeks left to see our little bundle of sunshine! I’m excited and scared all at the same time. Excited to meet the little one and scared of what I get to go through to meet her and just of the unknown.

So for those of you that weren’t able to figure out the puzzle, didn’t have time, or simply gave up… we are expecting a little girl! We are currently in the process of looking through name books and it’s quite overwhelming. We will not be announcing the name we choose until she is born… but we’re open for suggestions!

So the midwife visit went well today. I am gaining weight appropriately and my belly is growing properly! 28 cm = 28 weeks! When I was at the midwife’s office, the little one (aka peanut – nick named by my sister!) was doing some gymnastics so her heart beat was quite fast at first, 170, but then slowed to a normal rate after a few minutes to 158. From here on out I will be visiting the midwives more often. My next appointment is in 3 weeks and after that it’ll be every 2-3 weeks. I can’t believe how fast the past 6 months have gone!

Today I told my Leadership class the gender and they were all very excited. About two thirds of the class was on team pink, so it was fun. Today, many of them then wanted to touch my belly for the first time to feel peanut moving around. They all thought it was pretty cool, but thankfully not cool enough to go get pregnant themselves. They are smart kids! I have many potential babysitters as they have almost all volunteered already – hehe J

Well, that’s it for this update. Not much going on other than constant movement. She moves all the time and likes to tickle my right side with her arms and legs.

28 weeks

Jeremy and I at Sarah and Brandon O’Connor’s wedding (May 11, 2013) – 28 weeks!

Gender Reveal…

what will it bee


 Unscramble these six Baby Jumbles,
one letter to each square, to form six ordinary words.

girl puzzle

Now arrange the shaded letters to form the surprise answer:

__ __    __ __ __    __ __ __ __ __ __    __    __________!



24 weeks

Not much to post this week… but we have pre-registered at the hospital and got a tour so we know what to expect when we are there. No one was in labour or delivering when we were there. The place was empty. I guess there had been a birth that morning, but they were out “lickety split.”

Then we went to the see the midwife. I have now met all three and they are all lovely! Jeremy got to hear the heartbeat (145 beats/minute this time) and we recorded it for all of you to hear as well!

Other than that, the midwife said that the baby is growing well and that all is well.

My bump is growing and baby monkguin is very active, moving all the time. Sometimes they are subtle movements, other times they are complete summer-salts or something! The movements are pretty amazing and Jeremy likes to get his daily dose of kicks!


For those of you that have not heard, we did buy a house in Chilliwack, BC and will be moving in the end of May. I can’t wait to be in our own place and be able to do some nesting! I already have plans for our baby’s nursery! So life has been crazy busy lately and I’m sure is only the start 🙂

21 weeks and counting

The last few weeks have been very exciting for me and I’m constantly giggling because the little one loves to move around! The movements have recently in the past week gotten strong enough for Jeremy to easily feel and to even see! I find that we both end up giggling each time we feel or see a movement. Baby especially moves and kicks a lot soon after I’ve eaten a meal.

Everyone at work now knows for sure that I’m expecting as the bump is growing! Here are a few pictures of the bump growth since I was 6 weeks pregnant up to 20 weeks:

6 weeks 13 weeks IMG_7847

So at 20 weeks, the bump isn’t that big yet, but I can no longer button or zip my pants. My clothes are definitely getting a bit tight and limited in options. But I still have a ways to go… more pics to come as the bump progresses!

At least I can say that so far, I feel great! No sickness and the only thing I don’t like any more is raw (bell) peppers. I don’t even like to cut them as I don’t like how they smell. Still not cravings though… not sure that I will as I have always had mini cravings my whole life and I pretty much like everything… so unless I feel the urge to eat a bar of soap or something odd like that, I don’t think I’ll be having any cravings.

Midwife visit

Well, all is good! The midwife said that we have a very healthy baby and that it is growing and developing as normal! I also got my blood test results for down syndrome and spina bifida and the chances are VERY slim… 1 in 20,000! So that was a relief 🙂

So, according to the midwife the baby’s heart beat is about 135 beats/minute and the baby is very active, moving and kicking lots – I should really start to feel its strength in the next couple of weeks… so bets are on! Are you on team BLUE or team PINK? We’ll know soon… but not yet. Rules are rules! Sorry for those that are anxious to find out!. And I haven’t had any cravings for those that think they can guess via that wives’ tale… maybe one of you will know how to read ultrasound pictures… I sure can’t!